Birthdate: October 10

Blood type: B

Personality: Hates to lose, loves attention

Favorite food: Ramen from Ichiraku, oshiruko

Least Favorite food: Raw vegetables

Would like to fight: the Akatsuki

Favorite word: One miso-flavored ramen with extra pork on top!

Interests: Playing pranks, watering plants

Birthdate: July 23

Blood type: AB

Personality: Cool, acts tough

Favorite food: Rice balls (with okaka), tomatoes

Least Favorite food: Natto beans, sweet things

Would like to fight: The top echelon of Konoha

Favorite word: Power

Interests: Taking walks

Birthdate: March 28

Blood type: O

Personality: Honor student, willful

Favorite food: Shiratama anmitsu, pickled plums

Least Favorite food: Spicy foods

Would like to fight: Yamanaka Ino

Favorite word: Yamanaka Ino

Interests: Quiz games, memorization

Birthdate: September 15

Blood type: O

Personality: Easy going, calm and composed

Favorite food: Grilled saury, miso soup with sliced eggplant

Least Favorite food: Tempura, sweets

Would like to fight: Fourth Hokage

Favorite word: Teamwork

Interests: Reading (Make-Out Paradise series)